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QuickCash & Loans Now Offers Notary Services

QuickCash & Loans now has two public notaries on staff to notarize your important documents.

What Does a Notary Do?
Public notaries can perform several tasks, but the most common task, or transaction that a notary will perform is to witness the signing of documents.  The notary’s job is to verify that person signing the document is who they claim to be.  In order to verify the person’s identity the notary public will check the person’s photo identification.  The notary will also confirm that the person signing the document, or documents fully understands what they are signing, and is not being forced.

If you have a document that requires notarization, stop by our store at 863 Keith Street in Cleveland, Tennessee or call us at (423) 614-0069.  We can notarize your document in less than 10 minutes for a reasonable fee.